A Training Success story

How Training Sensei helps Ground and Water Ltd to boost employee skills and retention, and cultivate a culture of learning and growth.

Sandra Young
Short Q&A with Sandra Young, Head of HR​
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About G&W

Established in 2009, Ground and Water are a team of around 45 consisting of engineers, consultants and office-based staff.
Serving London and southern England, G&W are the leading provider of contaminated land and ground investigation services with over 4,000 projects completed in the UK.

We asked Sandra…

What challenges did you hope Training Sensei would help you with?

We are firm believers in the power of professional development and a growth mindset, for us it wasn’t about remedying an issue but encouraging a continual cycle of learning, particularly in areas team members may not ordinarily be exposed to.

What  have been the biggest benefits to you?

We find they really set team members up for the day, many prefer to do the sessions first thing with a coffee and it’s just a really nice start to the day and an opportunity to learn something new, sets the tone.

What impact has it had on team and culture?

For us, we feel it shows the commitment we have to learning and development. G&W are only as good as the team driving them forward and if that team isn’t open to new experiences, great understanding, a thirst for knowledge and a curious mindset then we can’t continually serve our clients and help solve their problems.

The impact has been profound and it’s not just me who thinks so:

At Ground and Water Limited the lovely Sandra Young has encouraged daily CPD with the use of Training Sensei. It’s a brilliant platform!

Thank you [Training Sensei] for thinking of it and producing it.

Francis Williams, Director

“Overall, we’re delighted with the level of engagement from the team and this would not have been possible without Training Sensei. I would certainly recommend it to any SME looking for practical ways to support their team and culture.” 

Sandra Young

Thanks Sandra for taking the time to share your thoughts! Team Sensei

training success story with ground and water