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How Training Sensei helps Ground and Water Ltd to cultivate a culture of personal boost employee skills and retention, and create a culture of learning and growth.

Sandra Young

Short Q&A with Sandra Young, Head of HR

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About G&W

Established in 2009, Ground and Water are a team of around 45 consisting of engineers, consultants and office-based staff.
Serving London and southern England, G&W are the leading provider of contaminated land and ground investigation services with over 4,000 projects completed in the UK.

We asked Sandra…

What challenges did you hope Training Sensei would help you with?

I was already bought into the benefits of skills training and supporting professional development is very much a core value of the business. On the whole, the team are too and we previously invested in training solutions in response to requests from them. The engagement from the team was pretty poor because we didn’t have the resource to proactively manage it and it simply fell by the way-side.

I saw Training Sensei were running a personal skills bootcamp which I joined out of personal interest. When I saw the way they delivered their courses as part of an engaging service, I thought that we were much more likely to make use of this platform and it would create a bit of a buzz around learning.

What  have been the biggest benefits to you?

Just walking around the office and regularly seeing the team engaging has been such a boon for us. We’re a pretty forward thinking business and the way Sensei deliver their service is really helps us to set the tone that we want to be a supportive employer. It’s fun, engaging and the impact on team and culture speaks for itself.  It’s a unique selling point when it comes to taking on new hires and I expect that having access to the platform has been a contributing factor to our improved staff retention rate.

How has Sensei been received by the rest of the team?

They love it! The team have got quite competitive about completing the daily challenges and keeping their streaks going. One of our directors has even become a big fan and wrote this about Training Sensei in our social media feeds…

At Ground and Water Limited the lovely Sandra Young has encouraged daily CPD with the use of Training Sensei. It’s brilliant stuff!

Thank you for thinking of it and producing it.

Francis Williams, Director

“Overall, we’re delighted with the level of engagement from the team and this would not have been possible without Training Sensei. I would certainly recommend it to any SME looking for practical ways to support their team and culture.” 

Sandra Young

Thanks Sandra for taking the time to share your thoughts! Team Sensei