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Tuesday 17th December 2022, 12:30 – 13:15 PM BST

Live: Creating Balance Over Burnout

We've teamed up with The Thrive Lab to bring you this 45 minute lunch and learn, covering:

  • What is stress & burnout
  • Understanding the impact on ourselves and others
  • The principle of balance in life
  • An exercise to help you assess your current life balance


Essential for leaders and managers looking for tips on leading effectively.


Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

Jan 03rd – Better browsing

Jan 04th – Bribery and corruption

Jan 05th – Treating customers fairly

Jan 06th – Communication

Jan 09th – Building better mental health

Jan 10th – Flexible thinking

Jan 11th – Get more assertive

Jan 12th – How green are you?

Jan 13th – Organisational strategy

Jan 16th – Conflict

Jan 17th – Creativity

Jan 18th – Competition law

Jan 19th – Copyright

Jan 20th – Trust in customer service

Jan 23rd – Creating a presentation

Jan 24th – Approaching mental health as a manager

Jan 25th – Fire safety

Jan 26th – Critical thinking

Jan 27th – Deep dive into hybrid working

Jan 30th – Attracting and retaining talent

Jan 31st – Effective inductions


Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

Feb 01st – Successful onboarding

Feb 02nd – Looking after your team

Feb 03rd – Managing redundances

Feb 06th – Learning to learn

Feb 07th – Negotiating

Feb 08th – Digital research

Feb 09th – Demystifying Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma

Feb 10th – Experiencing the change curve

Feb 13th – Equality law basics

Feb 14th – Listening with empathy

Feb 15th – Handling sales objections

Feb 16th – A health and safety state of mind

Feb 17th – Traits of effective leaders

Feb 20th – Avoiding driver fatigue

Feb 21st – Managing your team

Feb 22nd – Tackling toxic positivity

Feb 23rd – Unconscious bias

Feb 24th – How to support employees misusing drugs and alcohol

Feb 27th -Gender equality

Feb 28th – Introduction to neurodiversity


Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

Mar 01st – Effective meetings

Mar 02nd – Dealing with complaints

Mar 03rd – Leadership styles quiz

Mar 06th – What is equality and diversity?

Mar 07th – Direct and indirect discrimination

Mar 08th – Bullying and harassment

Mar 09th – Sexual harassment

Mar 10th – Achieving equality and diversity

Mar 14th – Modern slavery

Mar 15th – Leading with integrity

Mar 16th – Leading through failure

Mar 17th – Alcohol awareness quiz

Mar 20th – Organisation skills

Mar 21st – Leading through change

Mar 22nd – Understanding other cultures

Mar 23rd – Performance reviews

Mar 24th – Mentoring others

Mar 27th – Slips, trips, falls and ladders

Mar 28th – Project management

Mar 29th – Remote presentation skills

Mar 30th – Social media in the workplace

Mar 31st – Decision making for managers

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