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 Customer Service Week, 03rd – 07th
Customer Service Essentials • Understanding Customer Needs • Treating Customers Fairly • Brand Awareness • Creating a Presentation

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Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

September 01st – Emotional intelligence

September 02nd – Bullying and Harassment

September 05th – Giving and receiving feedback

September 06th – Dealing with complaints

September 07th – Working when seated

September 08th – Trust in Customer Service

September 09th – Performance reviews

September 12th – Information security

September 13th – Talking about mental health

September 14th – Social media in the workplace

September 15th – What is equality and diversity?

September 20th – Productivity

September 21st – Learning to Learn

September 22nd – Find Your Focus

September 23rd – Flexible Thinking

September 26th – Curiosity

September 27th – Gender Identity

September 28th – Inspiration

September 29th – Respect in the Workplace 

September 30th – Building better mental health

This set of challenges has been compiled to help you keep your customers coming back for more.

03rd - 07th October

National Customer Service Week

Customer Service Essentials • Understanding Customer Needs • Treating Customers Fairly • Brand Awareness • Creating a Presentation


Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

October 03rd – Traits of effective leaders

October 04th – Direct and indirect discrimination

October 05th – Mobile phone use

October 06th – Digital research

October 07th – Instant messaging

October 10th – What is corporate governance?

October 11th – Understanding GDPR

October 12th – Creating a digital culture

October 13th – Mentoring others

October 14th – Looking after your team

October 17th – Dealing with uncertainty

October 19th – Dealing with change

October 20th – Critical thinking

October 21st – Problem solving

October 24th – Communication

October 25th – Negotiating

October 26th – Listening with empathy

October 27th – Building rapport

October 28th – Communication personality quiz

October 31st – Bribery and corruption

Live with Redway HR

Thu 6 Oct 2022 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM BST

Live: Avoiding unconscious bias

We've teamed up with Redway HR to bring you this 45 minute lunch and learn, covering:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Understanding the impacts of bias on organisations
  • How to understand our own biases
  • Strategies to avoid bias


Essential for leaders and managers responsible for recruiting, creating and leading teams.

Our popular Bootcamp for the Brain returns and this month the theme is 'Communication'

24th - 28th October

Communication Bootcamp

Communication • Negotiating • Listening with empathy • Building rapport • Communication personality quiz


Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

November 01st – Weathering the storms

November 02nd – Building product value

November 03rd – Whistleblowing

November 04th – Equality law basics

November 07th – Better browsing

November 08th – Using email effectively

November 09th – Gender equality

November 10th – Effective meetings

November 11th – Sustainability

November 14th – Stigma and mental health

November 15th – Driving innovation

November 17th – Talking about your mental health

November 18th – Leading through failure

November 21st – Managing your team

November 22nd – Building better habits

November 23rd – The wellness myth

November 24th – Charity and volunteering

November 25th – Unconscious bias

November 28th – A health and safety state of mind 

November 29th – Project management

November 30th – Decision making for managers 

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