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Inclusivity week

Come and join us to celebrate equality and diversity, with a relevant, thought-provoking, bitesize challenge each morning!

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Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

May 02nd – Better browsing

May 03rd – Building rapport

March 04th – Modern slavery

May 05th – Project management

May 06th – dealing with uncertainty

May 16th – Communication barriers

May 17th – A healthy routine

May 18th – Talking about mental health

13th June - 17th June Achieving Equality, Equity, and Diversity

Come and join us to celebrate equality and diversity, with a relevant, thought-provoking, bitesize challenge each morning! 

13th Jun - What is equality and diversity? (10 mins)

Here's a new perspective on what equality and diversity means and why it should matter to you.

14th Jun - Gender identity (8 mins)

Transgender. Cisgender. Non-binary. When it comes to the language around gender identity, many of us are in the dark. This module covers some key terms, why it’s important to be aware of them, and how we can create a more inclusive culture for everyone.

15th Jun - Gender equality (10 mins)

Gender inequality is holding all of us back. Here we look at why people of all genders should care about gender equality, and what we can do to work towards it.

16th Jun - Unconscious bias (10 mins)

Unconscious bias is everywhere, and we do it without even realising. This module helps you to recognise when you could be biased, and how you can prevent it affecting the decisions you make.

17th Jun - Achieving equality and diversity (10 mins)

Creating an equal and diverse workplace doesn't start and end with your employer. Here we look at how you can help equality and diversity become a reality at work.

Working collaboratively

Including: Online collaboration ● Productivity ● Communication 101 ● Email etiquette ● Performance reviews

Hybrid working hacks

18th – 22nd July

With hybrid working (and zoom fatigue) looking like a feature at least of the ‘new normal’, join us to uncover some practical ways to keep communication and productivity levels up, even when we’re not in the same room.

15th 19th August

Personal Skills Bootcamp

Course line up yet to be announced

Make the most of the summer slowdown with this little burst of personal skills training, designed to equip you with tools you need to succeed in work and life.

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