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The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.

Our events are our way of helping you and your team to acquire a breadth of knowledge so that they, and your organisation can flourish.

Health & Safety Bootcamp:

03rd-07th July 2023 

● A health and safety state of mind 
● Fire safety
● First aid emergency response
● Manual handling

● Near miss reporting

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Sensei gives you access to my popular learning events, designed to encourage your team to develop a broad range of personal and workplace skills.

You'll find our uniquely engaging style helps you to cultivate a culture of learning and development, even when you don't have the time to manage it. Oh, and did I mention the prizes too?


Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

Apr 03rd – Overcoming barriers to communication

Apr 04th – Respect in the workplace

Apr 05th – Dealing with emotions

Apr 06th – Working collaboratively online

Apr 07th – Communication personality quiz

Apr 10th – Achieving equality and diversity

Apr 11th – Get more assertive

Apr 12th – Traits of effective leaders

Apr 13th – First aid minor injuries

Apr 14th – Supporting someone who’s struggling

Apr 17th – A healthy routine

Apr 18th – Building better habits

Apr 19th – Introduction to mental health

Apr 20th – Find your focus

Apr 21st – Talking about your mental health

Apr 24th – Are you feeling lonely?

Apr 25th – Carbon and the climate

Apr 26th – Copyright

Apr 27th – Responding to microagressions at work

Apr 28th – Drink Driving Quiz


Providing you and your team with a steady stream of relevant learning

May 01st – Social media in the workplace

May 02nd – Remote presentation skills

May 03rd – Teamwork

May 04th – Negotiating

May 05th – The wellbeing mindset

May 08th – Making good decisions

May 09th – Giving and receiving feedback

May 10th – Dealing with change

May 11th – Weathering the storms

May 12th – How green are you?

May 15th – Attracting and retaining talent

Apr 16th – Effective inductions

May 17th – Successful onboarding

May 18th – Looking after your team

May 19th – Managing redundancies

May 22nd – Inspiration

May 23rd – Organisation skills

May 24th – Creating a trust culture

May 25th – Bullying and harassment

May 26th – Working when seated

May 29th – Communication basics

May 30th – Information security

May 31st – Problem solving with data analysis

25th May - Bullying and harassment
26th May - Working when seated
29th May - Communication basics
30th May - Information security
31st May - Problem solving with data analysis
1st June - What is corporate governance?
2nd June - Charity and volunteering
5th June - UK Criminal Finances Act
6th June - Safeguarding adults
7th June - Whistleblowing
8th June - Working at height
9th June - Slips, trips and falls
12th June - Competition law
13th June - Introduction to neurodiversity
14th June - Tackling toxic positivity
15th June - Effective meetings
16th June - Creativity
19th June - Alcohol awareness quiz
20th June - Taking responsibility for microaggressions
21th June - Risk assessment awareness
22nd June - Mentoring others
23rd June - Avoiding driver fatigue
26th June - What is biodiversity?
27th June - Understanding GDPR
28th June - Dealing with complaints
29th June - Unconscious bias
30th June - Building better mental health

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