Empower Your Team's Growth with Impactful, Daily, Bitesize Learning

Empower Your Team's Growth with Impactful, Daily, Bitesize Learning

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Many of our longest-serving clients joined because of an immediate need to meet their compliance obligations. Then they discovered how easy it is to cultivate a culture of continuous development with Sensei, and the rest is history.

We take pride in helping clients to make Learning and Development their long-term, strategic advantage.

Bitesize e-learning for your people

Complex topics are made short and engaging with our modern approach.

Daily challenges and events

Across 250+ topics including compliance, soft skills, business skills and much more.

Interactive, unique designs

Built with the learner in mind, our courses feel fresh and are never boring.

Track your progress

See the results with our admin suite including leaderboards and reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sensei really free?

Yes. Some of our longest-standing customer have only ever been on our free plan, and they have been able to use the platform to meet all of their compliance and performance training goals.

What is included in the free version?
  • Access the daily featured course (the daily challenge)
  • Access to free flash events
  • Access a permanent selection of free courses
  • Invite any number of colleagues to join you (also free)
What additional benefits do the paid plans offer?

Our Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans give you greater flexibility with the ability to access and assign courses at any time. Click here to compare plans.

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