Mastering the Art of Learning at Work: Microlearning for Personal Development 

Making time for traditional learning can be time-consuming, and even overwhelming at times for the learner. Your team already have enough to do, right?  As such, upskilling team members or providing future learning opportunities are often seen as an afterthought. Fortunately, there’s a powerful solution to this dilemma: microlearning. Having risen to prominence of the […]


On average, we work well over 400 hours of overtime per year, so it’s no wonder we never seem to have enough free time. Being productive can help us get more done in less time, so we can do more of what we enjoy. So let’s discuss the secrets to being productive? It’s about being […]

How Nudge Learning helps SMEs tackle the Learning Problem

In our previous article we covered how employees (Gen Z and Millenials in particular) value the opportunity for personal and professional growth over any other non-salary factor. But if the key to a successful learning strategy is consistency, how can organisations without a dedicated L&D function deliver the results employees and the business demand? As […]

How to introduce your new training solution

Jump to the bottom of the page to download a handy PDF with editable sample text. Just fill out the form and hit download. How to introduce your new training solution to the company If you’re about to implement a new training platform, you’ll have already invested time and energy researching and trialling options. You […]

HR – Taking a rightful place at the Boardroom table?

According to Harvard Business Review, HR Leaders have the opportunity to assume a more strategic role in 2021, in the same way Finance leaders expanded their influence following the 2008 financial crisis. HR leaders have more than demonstrated their importance in the last 12 months. All the signs are that they will now have a […]

What is employee engagement and why is it important?

When the term was first coined, Employee Engagement made a lot of sense. A short, snappy (and alliterative) way to describe the idea of how emotionally connected staff are to the company’s goals and vision. Overused by HR professionals and marketers alike, it’s easy to pass it off as a wishy washy, almost meaningless catchall. […]

7 Tips for providing training on a budget

Companies who provide relevant training enjoy increased employee engagement, improved retention and higher productivity. Training decreases the overall need for management, reduces absence and boosts bottom-line profitability. Employees with access to training make fewer mistakes and feel more valued – leading to an increase in confidence and loyalty. In summary, providing training is almost always […]

Soft Skills and Landing a Job

Whether you’re a recent graduate or seeking a new role, we hope you’ve noticed those job notifications increasing by the day. Soft skills are sometimes called employability skills and for very good reason. The market for hiring is well and truly back underway and we’re here to tell you how soft skills training can help […]

Why Soft Skills Really are Hardcore

Soft skills are increasingly indispensable for success and career progression in the workplace, but many businesses and organisations still overlook their importance. Russell Groves, owner and founder of online training resource Training Sensei, explains what soft skills are, and what makes them core to business development. “Soft skills are people skills involving emotional intelligence. These […]