The trouble with being in the learning industry

The trouble with being in the learning industry is that when you do something daft, you get hit with ‘you should know better’. We’re always looking for simple ways for people to engage with e-learning. We set ourselves the challenge of coming up with something that was relevant and sensitive to the current climate; interesting, […]

Free Learning & Development Support for Furloughed Employees

On 20th March, the Chancellor announced details of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – as if you didn’t know already. As part of this announcement it was revealed that Furloughed staff can still undertake Learning & Development. To play our part in helping businesses through these challenging times, Training Sensei is offering FREE access to our […]

4 Paragraphs that (might) change your view of eLearning

Most successful businesses owners will go through a stage where they recognise a need to invest in the development of his or her staff if they are to grow further. At this stage however, resources remain stretched and new initiatives risk distraction from the very things that brought success in the first place. So we’re […]

We’ve launched!

Online training has opened up incredible opportunities for SMEs to access to world-class training in an affordable and convenient manner. We felt however that SME owners have been left behind in the online training boom – the required investment of time and the overwhelming volume of variable quality of courses/formats has kept it from the […]