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Help your team hit 2021 running with this productivity learning path.

Building Better Habits

Good or bad, habits play a huge part in our daily lives. We’ll kick things off with a look at what habits are and how we can use them to our advantage.


Our time is precious, but there never seems to be enough of it. This module covers productivity basics and how you can get more done in less time.

Organisation Skills

To be more productive, being organised is a must. In this module we explore how to get better at planning and organising

Making Good Decisions

When faced with lots of choices, being decisive can be tricky and procrastination can strike. This module describes how to make good decisions efficiently.

Effective Meetings

Meetings are inevitable, and we’ve all been stuck in bad ones. In this module, we look at how avoid some common meeting complaints.

Managing Stress

Prevent stress from having a negative impact is more important as ever. Here we’ll learn about the symptoms of stress and how to reduce them.

Problem Solving

Problem solving might sound self-explanatory, but it’s not always simple. In this module, we explore the skills that you need to solve problems effectively.


In this module, we take a look at why teamwork is important and how to be a better team player.

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