Training Sensei Bootcamp // october 2020

An insanely cost-effective, ludicrously straightforward way to increase employee engagement and a lead a learning culture

15 stylish short courses, over 15 days for just £20 per participant (total value £180)!

Registration for October closes in...


Bootcamp Lineup: 05th - 23rd October 2020

05 Oct - Creativity
06 Oct - Managing Your Team
07 Oct - Problem Solving
08 Oct - Understanding GDPR
09 Oct - Conflict
12 Oct - Unconscious Bias
13 Oct - A Management Mindset
14 Oct - Gender Equality
15 Oct - Introduction to Mental Health
16 Oct - Dealing with Emotions
19 Oct - Treating Customers Fairly
20 Oct - Fire Safety
21 Oct - Flexible Thinking
22 Oct - Sustainability
23 Oct - Looking After Your Team

What is the bootcamp?

What is the Bootcamp?

Bootcamp has been designed for businesses who are exploring e-learning for the first time or have tried it before but failed to get engagement.

See the results

As an admin user you’ll get a highlights summary at the end of the bootcamp. It gives an insight into your team’s appetite for learning as well as some useful analytics.

A quick win or a long-term training solution

Some businesses use the Bootcamp as a one-off exercise to gauge the appetite for learning within their team. Many of our customers started this way but saw an immediate improvement and now take part every month as a cost-effective and engaging training solution.

Registering is super simple, just follow the link to pay by card or request an invoice for any number of participants...