Training Sensei Bootcamp // February 2021

A ludicrously straightforward way to increase employee engagement, improve skills and boost performance

15 stylish short courses for just £20+VAT per participant (total value £180!)

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February Bootcamp registrations close in...

Sorry! Registrations have now closed. Check back soon for details of how to get involved in the January Bootcamp.

Bootcamp Lineup:
1st - 19th Feb 2021

01 Feb - Creativity
02 Feb - Brand Awareness
03 Feb - Digital Research
04 Feb - Neurodiversity for Managers
05 Feb - Money Laundering
08 Feb - Communication
09 Feb - First aid Emergency response
10 Feb - Information Security
13 Feb - Looking After Your Team
14 Feb - Talking About Your Mental Health
15 Feb - Carbon and the Climate
16 Feb - Hiring
17 Feb - Bullying and Harassment
18 Feb - Instant Messaging
19 Feb - Building Better Habits

What is the bootcamp?

What is the Bootcamp?

We recognise HR leaders who consistently strive to understand the learning and welfare needs of their teams, but have limited time to dedicate to Learning & Development initiatives.

The power of Bootcamp lies in the simplicity with which you can provide a learning opportunity your team will want to take advantage of, whilst providing you with the output you need to understand and demonstrate the benefits internally.

Bootcamp is designed for businesses exploring e-Learning for the first time or those who have tried it before but didn't get the engagement they we hoping for.

See the results

As an admin user you’ll get a highlights summary at the end of the Bootcamp. It gives an insight into your team’s appetite for learning as well as some useful analytics:

+ Engagement rate compared to other Bootcamp participants
+ The topics your team are most interested in
+ A Breakdown of individual learner activity
+ Recommendations for future learning

A simple solution that grows with you

Bootcamp is a ready-made solution, proven to quickly boost employee engagement. If you'd like to take things further we offer a range of learning and development solutions:

+ Master the skills of the office jungle with Bootcamp team membership
+ Focus your team’s learning in specific areas with 12 month access to our course bundles
+ Tailored learning paths for individuals or departments

No billing details are required to register as a team lead. It's super simple and you can check out the Bootcamp for yourself before you invite others...


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