HR – Taking a rightful place at the Boardroom table?

According to Harvard Business Review, HR Leaders have the opportunity to assume a more strategic role in 2021, in the same way Finance leaders expanded their influence following the 2008 financial crisis. HR leaders have more than demonstrated their importance in the last 12 months. All the signs are that they will now have a […]

What is employee engagement and why is it important?

When the term was first coined, Employee Engagement made a lot of sense. A short, snappy (and alliterative) way to describe the idea of how emotionally connected staff are to the company’s goals and vision. Overused by HR professionals and marketers alike, it’s easy to pass it off as a wishy washy, almost meaningless catchall. […]

7 Tips for providing training on a budget

Companies who provide relevant training enjoy increased employee engagement, improved retention and higher productivity. Training decreases the overall need for management, reduces absence and boosts bottom-line profitability. Employees with access to training make fewer mistakes and feel more valued – leading to an increase in confidence and loyalty. In summary, providing training is almost always […]

Soft Skills and Landing a Job

Whether you’re a recent graduate or seeking a new role, we hope you’ve noticed those job notifications increasing by the day. Soft skills are sometimes called employability skills and for very good reason. The market for hiring is well and truly back underway and we’re here to tell you how soft skills training can help […]

Why soft skills have anything but a soft impact on your business.

In this blog post, we take the opportunity to explain firstly, why we have chosen soft skills as the topic of our Bootcamp and secondly, why soft skills are more important for your business than hard skills.  We could talk about upskilling your workforce until the cows come home. We could design tailor-made packages for […]

The trouble with being in the learning industry

The trouble with being in the learning industry is that when you do something daft, you get hit with ‘you should know better’. We’re always looking for simple ways for people to engage with e-learning. We set ourselves the challenge of coming up with something that was relevant and sensitive to the current climate; interesting, […]

Free Learning & Development Support for Furloughed Employees

On 20th March, the Chancellor announced details of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – as if you didn’t know already. As part of this announcement it was revealed that Furloughed staff can still undertake Learning & Development. To play our part in helping businesses through these challenging times, Training Sensei is offering FREE access to our […]

How will Coronavirus affect employees?

How will Coronavirus affect my employees? At the moment, the UK government has not put in place a lockdown, meaning that your employees are still able to travel to and from work. However the government could put the UK on lockdown meaning everyone will have to stay at home, like many other countries have already. […]

What is Training Sensei?

Training Sensei is a simple and easily accessible method of unlocking the benefits of e-Learning that can profit your company. We can provide you and your employees with a large variety of award-winning courses, covering all the departments of your business. Whether you are searching for a Digital Skills course, a Sales & Marketing course […]

Motivation In The Workplace

Motivating employees is an important factor for any business and is something all managers want to achieve. There are numerous ways in which employees can be motivated but all employees’ needs and wants differ. Most business owners simply have the view that motivating employees equals improved business performance. In most cases, this is true, however, […]