Boost Your Team’s Well-Being with Our New Mental Health Zone

At Training Sensei, we’re committed to providing vital online training for all our learners. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature: the Mental Health Zone.   This innovative addition to our learning experience platform is designed to help you explore what mental health is, learn how to check in with your own and others’ […]

Compliance Made Easy: How Microlearning Can Transform Mandatory Training 

If you are operating in the UK, you have you have legal responsibilities to maintain certain standards in the workplace. However, the complexity and volume of information can be overwhelming and that’s where e-learning at work, specifically through the medium of microlearning, can help get the job done.  Let’s take a look at the efficacy […]

Unlocking Productivity: The Role of HR and Microlearning in Boosting the UK Economy  

In the face of all the news focussing on the UK economy falling into another recession, a spotlight has been cast on a critical, underlying issue: the stagnation of the economy’s productivity.   This isn’t just a fleeting concern but a substantial roadblock hindering the nation’s path to prosperity. However, amidst these challenges, HR professionals stand […]

Empowering Your Team with Daily Microlearning: A Leader’s Guide 

Having a competitive edge in today’s work environment requires not just hard work, but smarter work. As a business leader, one of your pivotal roles is to ensure that your team is constantly evolving and adapting.   Enter “Microlearning” – a revolutionary approach to e-learning at work that fits perfectly into the tight schedules and diverse […]

Exciting News: Sensei’s FREE Plan is Here!

At Sensei, we believe that growth and learning should be accessible to all. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our FREE version of our workplace e-learning platform! Each morning as part of the free plan, Sensei will provide your people with a fresh bitesize e-learning course, setting the tone for a […]

Back to basics with Employee Engagement: Employee Engagement Survey 

When the term was first coined, “Employee Engagement” made a lot of sense. A short, snappy (and alliterative) way to describe the idea of how emotionally connected staff are to the company’s goals and vision.  Overused by HR professionals and marketers alike, it’s easy to pass it off as a wishy washy, almost meaningless catchall. […]

An Introduction to Employee Engagement: 7 Key Pillars for Success 

The term “employee engagement” frequently finds its way into discussions, workshops, and strategic planning sessions.   But what is employee engagement?   There are many things that impact employee engagement such as motivation, building relationships, learning development opportunities and much more.  Simply put, employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment and enthusiasm employees have towards their work […]

Mastering the Art of Learning at Work: Microlearning for Personal Development 

Making time for traditional learning can be time-consuming, and even overwhelming at times for the learner. Your team already have enough to do, right?  As such, upskilling team members or providing future learning opportunities are often seen as an afterthought. Fortunately, there’s a powerful solution to this dilemma: microlearning. Having risen to prominence of the […]

In-Demand Soft Skills: Exploring 5 of the Most Sought-After Qualities by Successful Businesses Today 

These days, forward-thinking companies are increasingly prioritising soft skills training alongside technical qualifications to give their people an edge over the competition. Soft skills refer to a someone’s personal attributes, interpersonal abilities and communication skills that enable them to work effectively with others.  While technical skills are, of course, essential, possessing the right set of […]