Training Sensei Partner Scheme

Imagine a world where it’s quick, low-cost and simple for SMEs to invest in the development of their teams. No faffing around on YouTube listening to some guy who’s read a book and is now an ‘authority on the matter’ or sifting through a mountain of ‘tick a box’ online courses.

The evolution in training lies in giving targeted training, when it is needed – and delivering it in a truly engaging way that benefits the individual and the enterprising businesses they work for.

That’s the goal at Training Sensei – to break down the barriers that SMEs are normally faced with when they are ready to invest in the next stage of growth. We get a step closer every day with the help of incredible, passionate people like you.

Our Affiliate programme is now live, and we’d love to have you onboard. As an Affiliate you can earn cash and other rewards, for making your community, part of ours. Lets help SMEs to thrive by giving them the tools that are normally only available to corporates.

Become a Training Sensei Affiliate

We’re looking for face-to-face trainers across multiple fields, as well as professional service providers that share our passion of supporting the SME community. If you are the kind of person that gets excited about disruptive, forward-thinking businesses initiatives, then you might make a great affiliate.

We’ll provide you up with a unique code which earns you automated monthly income when a member of your network spends with Training Sensei.

If you’re someone with a loyal audience and an enthusiasm for improving opportunities for SMEs, then we want to hear from you.

As a Training Sensei Affiliate you’ll not only earn cash for each successful referral, you’ll also get access to exclusive events, and early product releases. You’ll also find us open to exploring further collaboration opportunities if there are natural synergies.

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