We’re on a mission to create the world’s most loved learning platform.

And we get further every day thanks to the amazing support of our community.

Customer service

A potted history

Identifying the problem

In many ways, Sensei was a late entrant to the market. There were already an overwhelming number of eLearning solutions available when we surveyed the landscape in 2018.

We knew something was missing however. Most SMEs were either unable to get an eLearning strategy off the ground, or were left disappointed with the results after all the hard work of implementing a well thought out training solution.

Before we even looked at a single course, we consulted with HR and culture leaders from across the UK to get a better understanding of what was going on. The conclusion?:

Management essentials

“Most business leaders want to provide learning and growth opportunities to their team, and most employees want to receive it, but the time, cost, and complexity meant it continually got put on the back burner.”

With this in mind we set about creating a learning platform which delivered:

The most engaging learning content


in a fun and accessible way


at a ludicrously fair price


Growing our community and business

Doing well by doing good

We pride ourselves on the near obsession with getting real customer feedback and using this to continually evolve our service. We believe that it’s this intimate understanding of the real-world challenges of our community that helps us to play the best supporting role.


As a proudly independent business we were able to take a decision to drop all sales targets and instead focus on building our community and proving what support we could offer during those challenging times. It’s during this time we launched our  famous ‘Bootcamps’ which we ran for free, and we hope played a small part in keeping teams happy and engaged.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

A look to the future

We’ve always felt more aligned to people who consider themselves ‘cultural leaders’. The recent shift for HR in SMEs from compliance to culture certainly means we have the wind behind our backs when we look to the future.

Whilst we’ve never waivered from our overall goal, our path to get there is not set in stone. We continue to invest in our team and platform.

We have some highly innovative plans coming this year which we hope will help align us even further with our audience.

We still have a long way to go in our mission to become the world’s most loved learning platform, but we get a step closer every day with thanks to our amazing community who remain our #1 marketing channel.

The founding team are not marketeers!

We recently came across this early promotional material. We didn’t ever put it in the public domain (probably on account of the low production value) but it shows the angle we came at this from.

We don’t always shout about it but doing well by doing good is very much at the heart of what we strive for every day.