New Feature Announcement: Introducing “The Compliance Corner” and the “Soft Skills Centre” at Training Sensei

We’re dedicated to enhancing the workplace e-learning and development experience for your people by providing the latest engaging content as well as the opportunity to upskill and grow.  

In our latest new feature, we’re excited to unveil two new events that will help your team stay compliant and develop vital soft skills: The Compliance Corner and the Soft Skills Centre. These ready-made learning pathways mean we’re offering even more bitesize online courses as part of our free plan, and the opportunity to earn exclusive badges for those who complete these events! 

The Compliance Corner 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single place to manage your team’s compliance requirements? Enter the compliance corner. 

This essential bundle is designed to keep you and your business out of hot water by ensuring you meet and maintain crucial standards using high quality microlearning courses. We recommend starting with 10 key online courses, including Health and Safety, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Whistleblowing and other vital topics, covering your team for the key regulations applicable to all UK organisations, regardless of sector. 

Each month, we’ll feature one of these microlearning courses for free, giving your people the chance to stay up-to-date with your compliance needs. Learners successfully completing the courses will earn a unique badge, showcasing their dedication to maintaininig compliance standards. 

The Soft Skills Centre 

Investing in your people, specifically in developing soft skills, can be a game changer for the personal development of your people while keeping your business ahead of the competition. 

As Robert Green said, “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” Our Soft Skills Centre is here to help your team arm themselves with the most powerful skills needed to succeed, both professionally and personally. With a free featured course each month, your people have a real opportunity to grow skills that will be helpful in business and life in general. From Communication Basics, Problem Solving, Teamwork or Negotiating our courses are designed to equip your people with the tools to succeed. 

Completing these courses not only enhances your capabilities but also earns your employees the “Crusher badge”, highlighting their commitment to personal and professional development. 

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Remember, as well as earning your badges for the Soft Skills Centre and Compliance corner, we also provide the Daily Challenge – a free bitesize course every day for everyone. 

To get started on the Compliance Corner or the Soft Skills Centre visit Training Sensei today.