Whether you’re a recent graduate or seeking a new role, we hope you’ve noticed those job notifications increasing by the day. Soft skills are sometimes called employability skills and for very good reason. The market for hiring is well and truly back underway and we’re here to tell you how soft skills training can help land your next role. 

According to LinkedIn, 92% of employers make hiring decisions based on soft skills as opposed to hard skills. Additionally, 89% of employers say that new hires often don’t work out because they lack a critical soft skill. By undertaking soft skills training you can stand out to prospective employers by conveying you’re a confident, motivated team player with excellent time management skills. Showcasing personal development during the global pandemic is also sure to impress in an interview. 

Employers are constantly looking for soft skills during an interview. For instance, no matter what job you apply for, you’re likely to be asked an on the spot question in your interview which focuses on a particular problem at work. It’s important that you can think on your feet and ensure that you can unpack your solution for the interviewer. Employers are interested in your problem-solving process, this is a key soft skill. The following are ways you can showcase your soft skills throughout the interview process. 

Don’t forget, you can evidence your soft skills training and personal development with your Training Sensei Bootcamp certificate.  

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