Why soft skills have anything but a soft impact on your business.

In this blog post, we take the opportunity to explain firstly, why we have chosen soft skills as the topic of our Bootcamp and secondly, why soft skills are more important for your business than hard skills. 

We could talk about upskilling your workforce until the cows come home. We could design tailor-made packages for your IT team, sales team and account management team with job-specific courses that will enhance their everyday tasks. So, why would we bring you a monthly Bootcamp centred around soft-skills over job-specific hard-skills? Well, think back to when you hired someone in your team. 



Did you hire them based on skills from their C.V. alone, or, did you hire them because they had something about them? If so, you’re in great company, according to LinkedIn, 92% of employers hire on the basis of soft skills over hard skills. Developing and introducing new soft skills that made you hire your team in the first place could result in a more collaborative workforce and new business. 

Taking our most popular courses from last months Bootcamp Unconscious bias, Project management and Effective meetings, it’s clear to see these skills go hand in hand in addressing leadership, teamwork and communication abilities. You can be the most brilliant leader in the world but if your bias towards the people you engage with, your professional and personal growth will stagnate. You can be the most confident person with brilliant communication skills but if you can’t manage your time effectively, communications become less effective. You can be unbias and have excellent time management skills but if you fail to listen and communicate effectively in meetings, the collaborative workforce that is so important in driving results will fail. 

Does your team need to improve? Take a look at your client retention rate, how many staff show up late to meetings, how many staff go to networking events and how many prospective conversations turn into closed deals? We’re not here to tell you that there is the perfect team out there but, if your team are lacking in any of these areas then soft skills training can help significantly.  

Our July Bootcamp is now closed but the waiting list for our August Bootcamp will open shortly.