How will Coronavirus affect employees?

How will Coronavirus affect my employees?

At the moment, the UK government has not put in place a lockdown, meaning that your employees are still able to travel to and from work. However the government could put the UK on lockdown meaning everyone will have to stay at home, like many other countries have already. You may have already advised your employees to stay and work from home in order to minimise the risk of one of them becoming infected. Also, if one of your employees does begin to show any of the symptoms previously mentioned, then they are required to self-isolate and stay at home. For some companies, this may not have a huge impact on business as employees may be able to work at home, but for some companies, this will not be the case. Having employees have to stay at home has multiple impacts on the company, such as:

  • Lower productivity
  • Less efficient communication
  • Less effective training
  • Decrease in motivation

How can Training Sensei help?

Firstly, we would first like to ensure that you and your employees remain safe throughout the course of this pandemic. Training Sensei can offer you and your employees a range of award winning e-learning courses to train your team across different sectors of the business. Most importantly, our online learning platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. If you or your employees are at home, in self-isolation or because a lockdown has been placed, our service will still allow your employees to receive relevant, high-level of training. Moreover, as an administrator, you get a dashboard providing valuable insights as to who is learning what. You are able to keep track of what courses your employees are learning. 

Training Sensei can offer you courses across a variety of categories including: compliance training, leadership and management, problem solving, personal development and more. What’s more, you normally pay less than if you purchased the courses directly. Get started with Training Sensei today.