Training Sensei is a simple and easily accessible method of unlocking the benefits of e-Learning that can profit your company. We can provide you and your employees with a large variety of award-winning courses, covering all the departments of your business. Whether you are searching for a Digital Skills course, a Sales & Marketing course or even a HR & Admin course, Training Sensei is the place to find it. Furthermore, we are always updating our course catalogue meaning there are always fresh courses to choose from.

Who Can We Help?

Training is a vital part of every business, in every industry. “Businesses that provide relevant training earn 26% more profit per employee than those that don’t.” – ASDT and Saba report. Whether you are a large company looking to reduce your employee turnover rate, or a small company looking to expand the skillset of your workforce, then Training Sensei is for you. Training Sensei tends to benefit most:

How Can We Help?

Training Sensei can provide you and your staff members with a large variety of accredited courses to develop their skill set in various areas. We will provide you with an administrator dashboard so you can monitor your employees’ progress and achievements. Your team can complete as many courses as they like at a low monthly cost. Training Sensei allows your organisation to:

How Much Will It Cost?

There are two contract-free subscription options (advert-free) to choose from:

In order to get a taste of what we can offer, we can provide you with a free trial. The free trial with Training Sensei will give you the ability to view a range of the courses on our platform. Should you decide to proceed, we will ask you to provide us with your billing details.

If you decide to cancel or pause your subscription with us, billing will cease immediately, however, your employees on that platform will continue to have access until the end of the current billing period. 

If you would like your employees and company to benefit from our platform then get started with Training Sensei today.

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