Motivation In The Workplace

Motivating employees is an important factor for any business and is something all managers want to achieve. There are numerous ways in which employees can be motivated but all employees’ needs and wants differ. Most business owners simply have the view that motivating employees equals improved business performance. In most cases, this is true, however, there are many other benefits that motivation brings, that most managers do not recognise. 

Having motivated employees can result in the following benefits:

  • Increased employee commitment
  • Improved communication
  • Creates a reactive workforce
  • Reduction in employee turnover

Increased Employee Commitment

Motivated employees will begin to put in their best efforts whilst working, leading to increased employee efficiency. With increased employee efficiency your company will start to see higher production rates.

Improved Communication

As you will know, communication is one of the most vital parts inside a business on a day to day basis. Motivation encourages employees to communicate more effectively, internally and externally. Face-to-face, digital and all other types of communication in the workplace will be improved. 

Creates a Reactive Workforce

When you make internal changes at your company it can cause uncomfort for some employees. All business owners want to cause as little disruption as possible whilst making internal changes. Loyal and committed employees allow for a more fluent and easier change.

Reduction in employee turnover

Employee turnover has multiple impacts on a company, two of the largest being costs and reputation. The higher your company’s employee turnover, the higher costs your company will have and the less reputable you will be. The only real factor that can minimise employee turnover is motivation as motivated employees stay at their organisation longer.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula that can be used to suddenly motivate all of your employees, as every employee is different. Motivation is not as simple as increasing your worker’s wages, and it is important to understand your employees and what motivates them most. However, motivation is not a simple concept to understand. Fortunately, Training Sensei is here to help you understand motivation and how you can improve the motivation of your employees.

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