4 Paragraphs that (might) change your view of eLearning

Most successful businesses owners will go through a stage where they recognise a need to invest in the development of his or her staff if they are to grow further.

At this stage however, resources remain stretched and new initiatives risk distraction from the very things that brought success in the first place.

So we’re going to tell you that eLearning is the magic pill that fills this gap right?

Well, no.

As with the any other phase, good leadership remains the key to pushing through this glass ceiling. What the right training (whatever the format) can do is be a powerful weapon that forward-looking business leaders have at their disposal.

But that’s only 2 paragraphs.

Excalibur is no use to when it is stuck in the rock.

The downfall of eLearning is that it is notoriously of variable quality and is time-consuming to source and oversee. Corporates have the luxury of employing training managers, whilst small and medium-sized business miss out.

That’s where the Training Sensei comes in.

He is your guide, or your training manager if you prefer. He finds accredited courses from across the market, curates them to your real-time needs and takes the administration (but not control) away from you.

What’s more, because he leverages the buying power of his community, you normally pay less than even the biggest corporates. Nice!

So, did it? We hope so!

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