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October Bootcamp (05th - 23rd)



Unconscious Bias

Dealing with Emotions

Flexible Thinking

Also: Managing your team, Building better habits, Understanding GDPR, A management mindset, Gender Equality, Introduction to mental health, dealing with emotions, Treating customers fairly, Fire safety, Sustainability, Looking after your team + bonus materials!

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways"

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> Fascinating concepts
> Fresh, stylish courses
> Ways of thinking that you can use TODAY

Give yourself an edge

A variety of 15 short courses over 15 days, hand-picked to help you boost your skills and prospects

Learning that fits around you

Bite-sized learning that you can do at your own pace. Any time, anywhere, any device

Invest in your future self

Earn a certificate showcasing your abilities is the skills employers are looking for right now

Win prizes

Complete daily challenges to climb the leaderboard and win up to £200 in Amazon vouchers


Soft Skills are often referred to as professional skills, employability skills or core skills.

They include those things like Influence, Creativity, Adaptability and Problem Solving. Our bootcampers understand that they are the skills which lead to success.

The world's top companies invest heavily in developing the soft skills of their teams, and 82% of hires or promotions are thought to be based upon the perception of superior soft skills.

Soft skills really are hardcore


Congrats to our Prize Winners

Megan Airey (£100)

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Most Popular Courses

01st - Building better habits

13th - Leading through change

02nd - Driving innovation

22nd - Respect

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Each month the Sensei carefully blends a selection of world-class elearning modules to create a 15 day festival of learning, covering the most intriguing and sought-after skills.

The bootcamp normally starts on the first Monday of the month. One challenge is sent to participants each weekday during the event. Participants have 24 hours in which to complete each bite-sized challenge, climb the leaderboard and be in with a chance of winning a weekly or overall prize.

The bootcamp is a light-hearted, fully guided experience. The Sensei leads you on your voyage as you discover new ways of thinking that will stay with you forever. 

Each challenge is available for just 24 hours but there is no need for you to complete them all. Our leaderboard and prizes are based upon the number of challenges successfully completed within the period.

As is often the case when it comes to learning and skills, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

The Bootcamp makes for a great team learning event and we will provide you with an insightful summary once the event has finished.

Simply sign up by following one of the ‘get it for my team’ links or clicking here. You can pay for any number of participants via the online checkout, or request an invoice if you prefer.

If you don’t yet know who will take part then purchase the minimum number of tickets you need. You will be able invite additional participants later.

The bootcamp is just £20 +VAT per participant.

That’s a saving of £196 versus purchasing the exact same courses individually.

Do you think we’d put this FAQ on our homepage if we didn’t?!

Yes, if you don’t get the value out of the bootcamp you were hoping for then we offer a money back guarantee up to the end of each event.

You won’t be able access to your certificate or reports, and you will lose your priority access to future events, but we’re pretty confident it won’t come to that. 

Our courses are stylish, interactive and thought-provoking animated videos. They are built for those who wish to develop their essential workplace skills.

Long enough to give you something juicy to think about, short enough that you can easily fit it into your busy schedule.