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April Skills Bootcamp (5th-23rd April 2021)

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Many HR leaders wish they could spend less time firefighting and more time nurturing a supportive, high-performance environment.

Bootcamp by Training Sensei is a simple, powerful and immediate way to upskill teams and drive real cultural change, through the power of modern digital learning.

It means you can do more of what you do best - putting your people and the business in a better place (and you might even get some of the credit this time!)

A stylish, 5 minute e-learning course sent to your team each day.

Bootcamp: 5th-23rd April 2021

05 April - Teamwork

Let’s take a look at why teamwork is important and explore some techniques which will help you be part of a successful team.

06 April - Creativity

Creativity isn't something you're born with. We’ll explore where creativity comes from, why it's important, and how to develop your creative skills.

07 April - Communication

Without effective communication, even the most talented of us can fail to reach our potential. Let’s explore some fundamental communication principles.

08 April - Dealing with Stress

Let’s learn about some of the surprising symptoms of stress and how to reduce it.

09 April - Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is everywhere, and we do it without even realising. This challenge helps you to recognise when you might be biased, and prevent it affecting your decisions.

12 April - Creating Trust 

Trust is the bedrock of any good team. Let’s look at how you can be part of a work environment that makes the most of everyone's skills.

13 April - Critical Thinking

Fake news is everywhere. How do we know what to believe? Learn critical thinking techniques that you can use at work and home.

14 April - Productivity

Our time is precious, but there never seems to be enough of it. This challenge explores some proven techniques to help you get work smarter, not harder.

15 April - Flexible Thinking

In a fast-changing world we must all be able to learn new skills, adapt to change and embrace new ways of working. For this, flexible thinking is key.

16 April - Dealing with Change

Change can be scary and many of us don't react very well to it. Here we’ll learn the skills and techniques that may help you to respond better when change comes.

19 April - Achieving Equality

Creating an equal and diverse workplace has far-reaching benefits for everyone. Here we look at how you can help equality and diversity become a reality.

20 April - Motivation

How can I motivate myself and others around me? It's the ultimate leadership question. This challenge shows you how.

21 April - Carbon and the Climate

The environment's in a scary place right now, so what can you and your organisation do to help? Find out here

22 April - Problem Solving

Problem solving might sound self-explanatory, but it's not always simple. Here we explore the skills that you need to break down and solve problems effectively.

23 April - Giving Feedback

This challenge shows you how to give and receive feedback, and use it as a tool for success.

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Helping your team to engage with learning is at the heart of everything we do.

Our light-hearted format, concise courses and super stylish content are all designed to guarantee you unlock the power of e-learning. Because if your people enjoy it, they’ll do it.

Benefits for the business

Benefits for participants

Bootcamp has already helped hundreds of small businesses engage their teams with digital learning

A one-time boost or the start of an exciting journey.

Taking part in our Bootcamp brings immediate benefits to you, your business and your people.

It’s also a great way to experience our super-stylish courses before taking your Learning and Development journey further

If you prefer, you can download our brochure to learn about our other solutions now, or schedule a demo. Our friendly team look forward to discussing your goals.

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02nd - Organisation skills

14th - Respect

05th - Dealing with uncertainty

03rd - Giving and receiving feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Each month the Sensei selects a fresh selection of world-class elearning modules from across our 12 learning categories. The result? A 15 day festival of learning, covering a range of the most intriguing and sought-after skills.

The Bootcamp normally starts on the first Monday of the month. One challenge is sent each weekday during the event. Participants have 24 hours in which to complete each bite-sized challenge, climb the leaderboard and be in with a chance of winning a weekly or overall prize.

The Bootcamp is a light-hearted, fully guided experience. The Sensei leads you on your voyage as you discover new ways of thinking that will stay with you forever. 

The Bootcamp is just £45 +VAT per participant.

That’s a saving of £135 versus purchasing the exact same courses individually. Each Bootcamp is a one-off event, so there’s no subscription or anything to cancel.

No, but we think you’ll want to!

Each challenge is available for just 24 hours but there is no need for you to complete them all. Our leaderboard and prizes are based upon the number of challenges successfully completed within the period.

As is often the case when it comes to learning and skills, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Yes. Once registered you get access to the platform and can sample a course straight away.

If you like what you see you can invite others to join you.

Participants who register via your invite are automatically included your summary pack.

When you register via ‘Get it for my team’ you get the chance to sample a course before you invite others to join you.

You’ll also get an email which spells out all the reasons why your team will should want to take part in the Bootcamp.

All you need to do is forward this invite, making tweaks to the messaging should you wish. They register using the link, and you get notified. Simple!

Yes. As a team leader you will receive an summary pack at the end of the Bootcamp showing who has completed what. The pack provides a fascinating insight into your team’s learning preferences and may help you decide if and how to continue your Learning and Development Journey.

Participants can see their completed courses on their dashboard at any time. They will be able to download their certificate (will show how many of the daily challenges you successfully completed) at the end.

Our courses are stylish, interactive and thought-provoking animated videos. They are built for those who wish to develop their essential workplace skills.

Under 10 minutes – We take complex topics and distil them down into core learnings which are easy to absorb

Current and relevant – We constantly monitor our content to ensure it is always up to date and relatable

Interactive – Built with the learner in mind, you can expect an interactive learning experience every time with our unique approach to learning design

Fresh – Each course has it’s own unique style, so every course feels fresh and modern

Yes. We work with our business customers to cater for a range of goals either after, or as an alternative to the Bootcamp. Solutions include:

> Your own branded platform with crammed full of our content. Great for taking control of your team’s Learning and Development

> Bootcamp membership with cumulative reporting. Great for promoting a learning culture

> Bundles to help you address a skills shortfall in specific areas

> Tailored solutions. Tell us your goals and we’ll tell you if we can help

If you’d like to learn more please request a brochure or schedule a call with one of our customer support team.

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