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It’s Learning and Development done for you…

Think of me as your virtual L&D resource, here to take the hassle out of providing Learning and Development opportunities to your team.
I deliver a steady stream of thought provoking content via light hearted challenges and engaging events (which include prizes!).
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…But with with the flexibility and control you need

Allocate any course to anyone whenever there is a specific training need.

Marketing team need a refresher on GDPR? Want to raise awareness about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?
It’s a flexible training solution which grows with you.
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Features and daily challenges delivered in our uniquely engaging style keep your team developing key personal and workplace skills.

Training that your team will look forward to, helping you to cultivate a learning culture one bitesize course at a time.


Provide any course to any individual any time there is a specific training requirement.
Easily create onboarding bundles or tailored learning pathways to support individuals and teams, or give them access to the whole catalogue and see where their curiosity takes them!
Equality and diversity


Every interactive course has it’s own unique style and is built with the learner in mind.

Complex topics are made short and simple to deliver unforgettable learning experiences without distracting from the day job.

Everything you need for a happy, healthy and high performing workforce...

Topics covered

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Helping you to see and showcase the strategic value of your Learning & Development investment.

Our events deliver learning experiences, not just content


  • Fully guided learning experiences

  • Uniquely engaging delivery style

  • Helps cultivate a culture of learning and growth, even when you don’t have time to manage it

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