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The power of daily bitesize learning

Our brains favour consistent learning. At Sensei, we harness this by offering daily challenges that not only inspire action, but also captivate your people, encouraging them to come back for more.

Each morning, we provide your people with fresh bitesize learning material, setting the tone for a day of growth and productivity.

Why Sensei?

Empower your people. Every day

With Sensei's daily challenges, your team doesn’t just learn, it evolves. Start the day with actionable knowledge nuggets for immediate work application.


Experience up to 20x more training activity with our innovative approach, far outpacing traditional methods.

Compliance Without the Complication

Elevate compliance in areas like Health & Safety and Governance using habitual learning. Ensure your business thrives in a compliant setting.


Transform HR and culture leaders into key strategic assets. Sensei amplifies a culture of compliance, growth, and performance.

Helping UK organisations to prosper

Trusted by organisations that demand the best for their learners, we work in the public, private, and third sector, across the UK and beyond.

See how 2,000+ forward-thinking organisations have used Sensei to engage with eLearning for the first time, or replace a learning platform where engagement was lacking.

"The daily challenge is a great way to keep our staff engaged with L&D. The feedback from our team has been great, encouraging them to upskill without any prompting. This has enabled us to invest in our people and help grow the business."

Amanda Simon

Chief People Officer at The Briars Group

“By partnering with Sensei, we completed over 1,500 courses in 12 months, compared to 26 with our previous eLearning platform. The impact has been immense!”

Pauline Fraser circle

Pauline Fraser

HR Manager, Highland Industrial Supplies

"I absolutely love the courses and the way my team are encouraged to keep learning new skills and ways of thinking. It's been an integral part of us building the culture we've been striving towards"

Nick Bennett

Managing Director at OnLogistics

"Training Sensei really partner with the business and the events really increase employee engagement. When reviewing the reports I’ve noticed that employees are continuing to engage without prompting, which is a fantastic result!“

Sandra Young

HR Manager, Ground and Water

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