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There are a lot of good Learning Management Systems out there, but if you don’t have dedicated resources to proactively manage them then they aren’t going to engage your people. What good is a learning platform your people don’t use? 

It’s learning without the hassle…

Stylish, bitesize learning, a beautifully simple platform, and guided learning experiences.

It all combines to ensure that learning continues even when you don’t have time to manage it.

That’s why, with Sensei in your corner, you get to enjoy up to 30x engagement.

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…with the flexibility and control you need.

Need to make sure your marketing team are up to speed with GDPR rules?

Want to tailor a learning objectives to an individual or team?

Target training when and where it is needed in a couple of clicks.

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Everything you need, all in one place


Whether you want to upskill your team or just keep the business out of hot water, there’s a world of learning at your fingertips.


Unlimited access to a core learning library, live expert-led events, downloadable tools, and a marketplace with specialist courses from over 200 providers. 

Learning your team look forward to

Engagement is encouraged with our bag of tricks such as daily challenges, topical events, leaderboards, and prizes.

Learning becomes a habit and your people get to enjoy the benefits of a holistic learning experience.

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Equality and diversity

Control and flexibility


Choose how hands-on you want to be when it comes to assigning courses and managing engagement.

Either way, your reporting suite and visual summary packs help you measure the impact and easily share progress with other leaders.

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Keep your skills sharp and see how Sensei can help your organization develop the most in demand skills.

Topics covered

Everything you need for a happy, healthy, and high performing team

Unlimited access to a core library of 200 interactive courses, plus further access to over 20,000 courses from 200 eLearning providers via our marketplace.

See the impact with your insightful summary pack

Helping you to see and showcase the strategic value of your Learning & Development investment.

Delivering memorable learning experiences, not just content


  • Monthly themed Bootcamps
  • Live lunch and learns with subject matter experts
  • Daily bitesize challenges
  • Seasonal features
  • Badges and streaks
  • Competitions and real-life prizes
  • Company leaderboard
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